Farmer's Market - Port Townsend

The Port Townsend Farmers Market 2009 season opened with festivities of all kinds. Children dressed as faeries performed acrobatics as well as a scene from Shakespeare’s “ Midsummer Night’s Dream” while a mysterious white pony munched oats under a shade tree.

Video interviews of local vendors, Seagrass and Solum & Herbe and additional Market scenes will be posted soon on ouropenmedia.com and porttownsendmedia.com .

Port Townsend’s own celebration of May Day continued with a Maypole Dance involving dozens of children accompanied by fiddle and bagpipe. “Southbound” and Jack Reid and Mike Mullins of “Water Street Trolley” played music.

Beautiful girls dressed in cabaret costume strolled through the Market to promote the simply fabulous Port Townsend High School production of “Chicago”. It seems like everyone was having a great time, including local musical treasure, Andy Mackie.

Heather Pollack of Seagrass Candles makes all her soy candles by hand with essential oil. The fragrances are out of this world and it is worth a trip to the Farmers Market just to enjoy the fragrances that Heather conjures. (video  3:01)